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Lawrence A. Girouard is the President of the Business Avionix Company, LLC, a business consulting firm established in 2003 that focuses on the development of strategic plans, sales and marketing programs, business modeling, and customer satisfaction audits. These, and other services, are designed to assist companies in changing the way they do business in order to make them more competitive in their selected markets using measurement as the cornerstone for change.

He has over 40 years of experience in engineering, sales/marketing, and senior management positions with a proven track record for results over a broad range of manufacturing and manufacturing support disciplines from fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups.

His mechanical engineering background has provided the skills to develop graphic business models that facilitate the visualization and modification of complex processes. These models are used as the foundation for improving corporate efficiency, and better define the lines of communication.

He is a strong believer in the importance of establishing a culture within the corporate structure that transcends the barriers to communication that often exist between organizational functions. This remains one of the keys to a strong market penetration strategy for any corporate product offering.

The following highlights Mr. Girouard’s career:

  • Director of RIMES – (Rhode Island Manufacturing Extension Services) is a US Dept. of Commerce funded program
  • Director of NASA Tech Transfer Center for Rhode Island – a NASA funded program
  • Director Gem Institute for Performance Excellence
  • Vice President – Cookson Corporation, Poly-Flex Circuits Div – a manufacturer of flexible circuits
  • Vice President – American Industrial Casting, Inc. – an investment casting company
  • Vice President – Keene Corporation a div. of the Kaydon Corp. – silicon rubber and teflon products
  • Vice President – Quadrax Corporation – high technology start-up company
  • Vice President – Spectrum Technologies – high technology start-up company in Gallium Arsenide
  • E.I. Dupont – engineering and marketing positions
  • University of Delaware – MBA-marketing 1971
  • University of Rhode Island – BSME 1966
  • Board of directors:
    • SBANE .. Small Business Association of New England
    • Alert Sentry Corporation
    • Slater Mill Historic Site
    • RIMES
    • XPX (Exit Planning Exchange)
    • BVF (Business Value Forum) … Founding Member
    • Rhode Island Taxpayers (President and Board Member)
    • University of Massachusetts Business School Board of Advisors
    • Rhode Island Renewable Energy Initiative … Founding Member


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