listed below are a few of the testimonials that Business Avionix has received over the last few years. The website for each client can be reached by simply clicking on the their logo.

Ferguson Perforating “The business avionix company, llc provided an interactive, dynamic process of analyzing our markets, structure, procedures, and processes. they were fantastic in helping us develop a more strategic focus to our efforts, helping us to dissect what we do and how we do it. as a result, we have become a better, more strategic, learning organization, focusing on balanced growth, operational excellence, and technological development. having never gone through this process before, i did not know what to expect and admittedly was a little skeptical that they could get everyones cooperation. larry girouard was the catalyst that kick started our journey and i would highly recommend him.”
Peter Fahlman

Sales, Finance and Administration, Ferguson Perforating & Wire Co

GEMI have been working closely with larry girouard for over 5 years and in many capacities. larry is truly a genuine business leader with tremendous knowledge, attention to detail and compassion for businesses throughout our community. larry is remarkably innovative, and continually strives to achieve excellence in all he accomplishes. larry is extremely dedicated to his work and his steadfastness prevails always. larrys honesty and integrity are just two of his greatest strengths and his ability focus is immense. larry has an infectious personality and is a joy to work with.

Anthony P. Gemma

President, Gem Plumbing Heating Services, Inc.

Integrated SecurityI am writing to thank you for the invaluable assistance you have provided my company over the past several months. while we have created strategic plans in the past, never have i felt more confident about our future strategy than with your help; your slogan of bringing the business to life through measurement has been a critical difference from that of past attempts. thank you for the leadership; insights; and most of all sharing your process while we conducted our meetings. i look forward to continuing our work together, and the results that i am confident that partnership will yield.

Michael Ehrlich

President, Integrated Security, Inc.

On behalf of myself and the management team at heidelberg usa we would like to give our sincere thanks for a job well done. during our recent national service meeting we brought together our full service force of over 400 men from around the us. your candid conversations, meetings, suggestions and follow thru were extremely beneficial to our cause, showing the power of service.

The follow-up report or outline you sent following our meeting has helped keep the management team on track to reach our goals of supporting and building a better service force. 

The ideas and suggestions you raised, coming from outside our industry, has helped shed a new light on our service offerings to our customers and communication to our service force. Thanks again.

Michael Niesen

VP Technical Support, Heidelberg

Rather than try to use a prepackaged solution, larry listened to us and worked with us on what we needed. What a difference from other consultants we interviewed!
Carl Hayes

President, Hayes Heat Treating

“I am happy to have found such a resource as the business avionix company. not only did i receive reciprocal, beneficial and meaningful feedback on how, where, and when to list services offered by our business but their expertise in business measurements lead to increased sales for our company almost instantly. hands down this is money well spent. i would recommend larry girouard and his staff to any business wishing to raise awareness as to their brand identity, and looking to increase their bottom line.”
Mike Abbott

Vice President Sales & Marketing, Claflin Medical Equipment

“Over the course of the past year business avionix has proven to be a valuable asset in the structuring and planning of amcs new business model. larrys ability to ask the right questions and provide direction was vital in the development of our future strategies.”

Kurt W. Kern

VP AMC Design and Manufacturing, AMC Design and Manufacturing

“Larry is a passionate change agent with the skill set needed to get results. as his consulting partner, ive seen him facilitate strategic planning sessions that bring clarity and focus to client leadership teams that enable them to get it done. if you want to set measurable goals with built-in accountability for team achievement, then larry is your partner too.”

John Cronin

Executive Director, RI Small Business Development Center

“Business avionix has worked with technology advisory group during the past few years. during that time, business avionix helped us “work on our company and not just in our company”. as much as that may sound like a clich, the reality is, many business owners say or think they are working on the processes of their business but don’t actually accomplish the task effectively. larry and business avionix was the catalyst to help us actually achieve success in doing so. the benefit of working with larry to execute “working on our business” has been tremendous for our company. we have been tracking to our 5 year plan for growth and have either met or exceeded those goals. i am sure that we would not have done so without larry’s help. i would recommend that any company that is serious about improving their business, consider using business avionix to accomplish that goal.”

Tom Zarrella

Vice President, Technology Advisory Group

GEMI would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the warehouse / delivery project that you have completed for gem plumbing. in all of my years of business, i have never dealt with a company so passionate about performance measurement and able to communicate this culture to our employees. your company has changed our front line personnel to drive our bottom line profit.

Larry Gemma

Executive Vice President, Gem Plumbing

I hate it when im wrong! it took a lot of convincing for me to see the value in having sales activity and account prospecting data entered into spreadsheets, but my sales management effectiveness has increased by multiples because of the way the data paints an accurate picture. 

the system you designed to track sales activity allows me to hold the sales force to a much higher level of accountability because im now dealing with what is rather than a lot of hearsay and assumptions.

yhank you for helping me become a better manager.

David Spencer

President, Atlantic Paper & Twine Company

Larry girouard has done excellent work for us over the years. he sets clear goals, breaks down the goals into actions, prioritizes and organizes the actions, and gets down to work. he has worked well with our staff at all levels. larry is a good thinker and an excellent listener. he is results oriented, and i have been impressed with his performance. we continue to work with larry, and his involvement in our company has been an asset and a value. 

David lang

President, Lang Naturals, Inc.

“As the david in our marketplace, we turned to larry girouard for help in overcoming the competition the goliaths and creating a successful insurance education and training business. we certainly chose the right person!

We quickly learned that larrys value is in his uncanny ability to get to the heart of a business – our business – and understand our value proposition as compared to the competition. 

With his help and guidance, we quickly developed a superior value proposition that enabled us to overtake the goliaths and dramatically increase our profitability. larry is a true partner in our success story.”

Robin & Everett Federici

Insurance Education & Training Associates, LLC | North Kingstown, RI

SBANE is a one million dollar non-profit organization that promotes small business interests in southern new england. since our membership consists of approximately 700 independent small business entrepreneurs it is very difficult to develop a disciplined strategy to disseminate a clear message to sbanes membership.

Therefore, we invited larry girouard, president of the business avionix company to poll our leadership so he could forensically present his findings to the board of directors at a facility retreat. larry captured the essence of those findings and lead sbanes board of directors through a visioning exercise to crystallize the issues confronting sbane over the next three to five years

Larrys single mindedness in this ongoing project will keep sbanes board of directors continually focused on message, brand and value proposition. 

As president of sbane, i feel larry has gained unique insight into the organizations value to small business and will provide tangible assistance in helping us deliver that message clearly to our market.

Bob Baker

President, SBANE

In a business world overwrought with solution driven services, larry girouard commands commitment to the mission and fosters action, resulting in the byproduct of accountability to the redesign of your business model. placing solutions on your horizon line, his pragmatic approach and mentor style engages individuals in the processes that will perpetuate results. larry leaves a hopeful framework in place along with a cornerstone to support your new foundation. a 40 year old, single malt scotch with a fuente cigar goes a long way in motivating this gem of a man.

Don Goulart

Sales Manager, Quantum Pure Air Products

Foster corporation has worked with larry girouard for the last two years and he has delivered each project on time and on budget. his professionalism, passion and commitment to helping us to maximize our companys potential helped us improve our customer service and overall business performance. larrys experience and participative approach led to improvements that everyone in the organization could support. we continue to work with larry on developing a world-class service organization that compliments our strong technological platforms.

Ken Pickering

President, Foster Corporation

During the three years that we have become good friends, i have come to know you as a professional that can be trusted to deliver on promises made. my sincerest impression of you is that of an advisor who provides selfless guidance to your clients and develops an abiding interest in their total success. in this capacity, i have never hesitated to think of how you might help both me and my friends. 

today and for the rest of my life, i know that life is better having met you. as an example, your contribution to our mastermind is evidence of your willingness to do what is best for others. your recent recommendation for me to demystify my business process has both resonated and yet challenged me. i know i can continue to rely on your help in seeing me to a better business for myself. i am confident your clients are better off for having met you too.

if at any time i can provide a reference to you, it would be a privilege to stand beside you.

Michael Raspallo

President/CEO, Corner Office Financial, LLC

Larry’s experience and insights into problem solving and development of reasonable solutions has proven valuable in the work he’s done for our company.

Steve Fielding

President, Fielding Mfg.

I’d like to personally thank you for your leadership in the development and implementation of our marketing strategies. your business knowledge, experience and work ethic were a great addition to our team and breath of fresh air for our organizations. if you cant measure it, you cant manage it is a principle that youve made resonate with our team. running our businesses with the use of key measurements has allowed us to evaluate difficult business challenges objectively and make the decisions seem almost obvious. you have a natural ability in communicating your message and getting the team to truly understand. all the best to you in your future endeavors and i look forward to continuing our working relationship. 

Brian pestana

VP, VR Industries, VP, Quantum Pure Aire

Larry has been a huge supporter of sbane (smaller business association of new england) and a dedicated director of the organization. i felt it important to have all the directors on the same page (as far as the direction we were taking) and engaged larry to run a retreat for directors which was a huge success. since the program, larry has been instrumental in working with staff on strategic planning and reviewing our marketing materials. we are fortunate to have larry giving us the benefit of his many organizational talents and years of experience.

Ed Ostrowski

Chairman of the Board, SBANE

On behalf of qualidigm, i wanted to take this opportunity to express how much we appreciated your presentation at the recent gem institute for performance excellence. your material was clear and concise, but even more than that your engagement of your audience (our staff) was right on target. you were able to interact with them in a manner that allowed for learning in an effortless, fun environment. and, it was clear to them that you understand our company and how to support its growth and success.

Marcia Petrillo

CEO, Qualidigm

Larry Girouard is a consummate and hands-on marketing strategist and business development expert. over the course of his career, larry has worked inside large, global organizations, including dupont and cookson, helping to lead their business and market development efforts and pioneer new venture activities. he founded business avionix company in 2003, and since then has assisted and advised smaller to medium sized enterprises in breaking down the barriers to growth within their organizations, and in establishing the solid cornerstones and foundation for accelerated revenue growth and sustainable, ever-rising cash flow profitability.

Larry imbues all his commitments with a total dedication to, and passion for performance excellence. his belief that if you cant measure it, you cant manage it is shot through each client engagement. and his collaborative work with the gem plumbing company to help them establish their dashboard, real-time, performance measurement system, their gem ceo tours, and the gem institute for performance excellence based on malcolm baldridge award quality concepts, has been at the core of that companys skyrocketing growth to over $35 million in sales over the past five years. it is a living and wonderful testimony to his commitment to focus on, and combine, fact-based data, common sense business knowledge, world class service, innovative marketing, continuous improvement culture, and technology to fuel and manage accelerated growth for small to medium size companies.

As someone who works continuously with the owners and leaders of private enterprises, and who has led my own private organization, i know from first-hand experience that the work larry does is tremendously valuable for any business owner and leader who aspires to achieve performance excellence and drive their enterprise forward profitably and sustainably in todays globally competitive economy.

Bill Reed

Chair, Vistage International, Partner, School Street Capital Group

I want to thank you for developing our new sales and marketing program. under your guidance, we successfully launched a lean engineered staffing system (less) which is being well received by the market. your planning and creative ideas were crucial to the success of the marketing program. your numerous contacts within companies helped open new sales opportunities.

Timothy J. Harrington

President, OG International

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