Strategic Planning

More than 80% of businesses do not have a strategic plan. Collecting data that, for the most part, already exists within the company initiates the process. Information on mission, vision and values, SWOT, market segmentation, customer rationalization, horizontal and vertical integration options, hierarchy of needs, competitive information, and other business information is integrated into a format that fertilizes the strategic planning process.

There are 6 foundational steps to this process that include:

    1. Educational Workshop (4 hours +)… this is a half-day workshop with members of the management team. It will include an interactive Power Point presentation that reviews the barriers to growth and how the strategic plan helps to provide the foundation for knocking these barriers down.

      The presentation focus is on the strategic plan and the role of measurement to bring the plan to life. Plans have no value if, when completed, they are filed in a desk drawer to be reviewed “once in awhile”. A strategic plan must be a living document to have real merit.

      There will be several exercise that help to get the “audience” in the strategic planning mode.

      The presentation, along with questions and answers, will be followed-on with one-on-one discussion with key managers.

      One of the goals of this educational workshop is to assign a “Strategic Planning Team” at the end of the day’s program. This team will be represented by members from the different business functions. This is essential because each function will need to contribute to the strategic planning process.

    2. Strategic Planning Questionnaire and SWOT … each member of management will be asked to fill out a confidential questionnaire. The responses will be integrated together to get an overall sense for where the company is at the present time. It is suggested that the questionnaire be filled out by supervisors as well.

      This questionnaire will address the standard questions that make up any strategic plan:

      • Mission
      • Vision
      • Values
      • SWOT
      • Competition
      • New Product Idea
      • Perceived needs of customers
      • Perceived needs of employees
      • Perceived needs of management
      • Competition
      • Market Segments Served and Market Penetration Percentages
      • Territories Served by market segment
      • Perception on how customers are currently handled with respect to various criteria like calling into the company, response times, etc
      • Horizontal Integration Options
      • Vertical Integration Options
      • Other Questions tailored to the Company

      In addition to the questionnaire participants, it is suggested at all employees fill out a confidential SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). This will help begin to engage all employees. The strategic planning process and ultimate implementation is a corporate initiative, initiated by management but, in most cases, implemented by the employees. The bottom line is that the employees add most of the value to the “Customer Experience” and the “Customer Experience” is, in all cases, the cornerstone for the strat4egic plan and any primary demand development program that follows.

    3. Information Sharing … the results of 2 (and possible 3) above are presented to the management team both in a formal presentation form, and in a First Draft of the strategic plan.

      From this exercise brainstorming ensues and action items generated that will begin to add meat to the strategic plan.

    4. Forecasts and Market Segmentation … for the strategic plan to have real value, market segments and market segment forecasts should be defined at some point in this process
    5. Strategic Plan Iterations … as action items will be assigned to members of the strategic planning team to generate new data as needed and this information will be integrated into the emerging plan. After several drafts the corporate strategies will begin to surface
    6. Action Items (Accountability, Implementation and Measurement) … As the final plan is nearing completion action items, accountability assignments, measurements to monitor progress, and timelines are discussed in preparation for the implementation phase.

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