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Strategic Planning

More than 80% of businesses do not have a strategic plan. Collecting data that, for the most part, already exists within the company initiates the process. Information onmission, vision and values, SWOT, market segmentation, customer rationalization, horizontal and vertical integration options, hierarchy of needs, competitive information, and other business information is integrated into a format that fertilizes the strategic planning process. More

Sales & Marketing Programs

Market segmentation, target customer identification and needs analysis, sales management, bridging the communication gap between sales and other corporate functions, developing and driving the forecast, represent the foundation for this program. More

Customer Service Programs

Customer service goes well beyond the responsibilities of the customer service department. Corporate customer service is all about enhancing the customer experience by exceeding customer expectations. Modeling the customer service process and measuring the key components of this model is at the core of this program. Most companies focus way too much on internal corporate issues and rarely look at their company objectively through the eyes of their customers. More


Developing a forecast that links future sales initiatives and marketing programs by both market segment and product line is absent in most organizations. Sales departments can often be too unstructured resulting in a significant communication gap between the sales function and others corporate functions. To be the most effective, the forecast should be directly linked to the strategic plan. More

Integrating Measurement into the Business Culture

Integrating cross functional communication systems that are modeled to support the key elements of the corporate strategic plan, using system measurements to bring the strategic plan to life and enhance the customer experience are at the heart of this program. Most organizations are averse to measurements, but accountability is not possible without a strong measurement culture. If corporate functions are not willing to be accountable to each other it is unlikely that the outcome from this organization, the customer experience, will be of high value. More

Business Coaching

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you are very good at what you do. Almost too good. You make all the key decisions, you handle all the important day-to-day activities, and you are the ultimate source of most of your company’s revenue and profits. As a result you have very little time left over to develop a vision for the future of your company and then transform it from where it is into the company of your dreams. Business Avionix Coaching is a structured one-on-one coaching program designed to help you expand your business faster than you ever thought possible, building “more profits and more life.” More

Speaking Engagements

Mr. Girouard has spoken throughout the country over the last 5 years on subjects concerning “Overcoming the Barriers for Growth” and “The Role of Measurement in Developing a Winning Business Culture”. Mr. Girouard is also available as a guest speaker at business meetings, dinners, and the like. More

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